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Help – I've forgotten/need to reset my password?

From the main login screen populate your logon details and simply select I’ve forgotten my password and a new password will be emailed to you.

One of my agents has got stuck somehow, and can’t do anything - what should I do?

You can force an agent to log out. From your Maximise supervisor login disconnect the agent from the campaign using the “Force Agent Logout Option” which is in the Affect Dialling menu.
Reference > Operations > Affect Dialling > Force Agent Logout

My outbound campaign isn't delivering calls to my agents/my agents have a long wait time between calls - what should I do?

Check your list penetration using the real-time dashboards to ensure that you have not dialled all of your call records and are simply now calling retries and check the call results to verify you don’t have a high number of no answer calls going on.

I need to be able to see what my agents are doing

You can use the agent status dashboard to see a real-time view of what status your agents are in, and customise it to set alerts and manage exceptions. You can click the ‘show in another window’ button to keep the dashboard displayed at all times on a 2nd window on your computer.

I need to take my agents off the system for a meeting but I want to provide service to my callers - what should I do?

Ensure that you have the “No agent available treatment” set up at a campaign level. For example divert to another number, or IVR or voicemail.

How can I change the hours my staff should be making outbound calls?

Simply amend the campaign schedule times for each day of the week using the edit campaigns schedule window in ‘Manage Campaigns’. Note that you should also check your inbound queue schedules if these are different and you want to provide different hours of service for your inbound calls.

I need to change which of my agents works on outbound calls - how do I do that?

Within a campaign you have the ability to set agent options. This defines which agents can make and receive inbound or outbound calls. Simply amend these where appropriate so that your staff get the right type of calls. You can also set priorities for each queue that they service between 1 and 99 so that only the more skilled staff will take calls of certain types.

I have just created a new outbound / blended campaign but it isn't listed on the System Status page?

There are two reasons why your outbound / blended campaign is not listed on the System Status page.

The first is that no outbound CLI has been assigned to the campaign. We protect you from dialling in a non-compliant way by not sending a valid ANI / calling line ID by preventing you from being able to start the campaign. To assign an outbound CLI configure the campaign and assign an available telephone number using the Outbound CLI dropdown (Manage > Campaigns > Edit > Campaign Settings > Outbound CLI).

The second is that the current date and time falls outside of the campaign schedule. Modify the campaign schedule so that today’s date and time is within the campaign schedule (Manage > Campaigns > Schedule).

As long as an outbound CLI is assigned, and the current date and time is within the scheduled running time, then the campaign will be listed in System Status.

One of my agents is trying to login but keep receiving error 1003?

Error 1003 means that the telephone that Maximise is trying to dial to reach the agent is not connecting.

Be sure that the telephone number is correct. If you are using a softphone make sure that it is loaded on the screen and ready to accept incoming calls. If you are using a physical IP phone ensure that ‘Do Not Disturb’ is NOT set on the handset (it will say Do Not Disturb on the screen if it is). If you are using a PSTN/PBX phone, make sure that you don’t have any call forwards or set busy services activated. To check, make a test call to your full direct dial telephone number from another telephone and if the phone rings then try logging in to Maximise again.

I would like to receive daily reports in my email is this possible?

Yes. All reports can be scheduled to generate automatically at a pre-defined time (and then optionally repeated again every hour, day, week or month) using pre-defined report criteria and then be emailed out to any number of contacts as a PDF, a CSV or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from the standard reporting suite. Simply go to reporting, select the appropriate report and follow the screens to setup report citeria and the schedule for generation.

Reporting > Reports

I want to be able to copy a call to my hard drive

Calls that have been identified within the call list can be copied from Optimise to a standard Windows® directory, to a remote directory, or, to CD / DVD removable media, as non streaming media (WMA or WAV) for use somewhere else – Follow this link for a step by step process:

I can’t see any reports in Optimise?

The reports have not been allocated for you to view, contact your system administrator who will give you access to run them.

I want to be able to delete a call recording how do I do that?

Calls can be deleted from the user interface by selecting the call to delete and selecting delete. If you don’t have an option to delete then contact your administrator to grant you this right.

I can’t see the Cloud Contact Centre indexing data in my Optimise call view screen?

You need to change the settings on the call display window to add in the columns you want to display and refresh the screen. To add columns click on the column options button above the call viewer grid and add the columns that you need to view using the field selector.

My Cisco IP Phones are flashing Red or Yellow on the phone keys and I can’t make calls – what does this mean?

This means that your telephone is not registered with our service.

If this is the first time you are setting up the service then please check with your local onsite IT that your network connection is correct and that you have the correct internet access and ports required for the service open on your firewall. These are RTP Port range 10000-20000 on UDP and Port 5060 on TCP and UDP for Signalling to the DNS name for the service you are trying to access.

If it was working before but isn’t now then first try restarting your phone. If that doesn’t work, then check that your WAN connection/Internet service is up and you can reach Google from your web browser, If you can but your phone is still not working (green) then check that you can reach - Open a browser to this address and run a MyVoip G729 test to make sure you can get connected to our service. A successful test result will show Green circles and report good quality connections to our service and a MOS score of 3 or above.

People are reporting bad quality/broken up calls where one or both parties sound like they are underwater – what should I do?

Firstly, if you are using headsets check that you are still experiencing bad quality when using the handsets. If this is the case then check that your IT team have enabled a bandwidth reservation on your firewall or router - we need 40kbps per concurrent call reserved to ensure good quality voice using the G729 codec. If they have done this and you are still having an issue, then please run the Speed Test.
You can run a speed test by going to - Open a browser to this address and run a MyVoip G729 test make sure you can get connected to our service. A successful test result will show Green circles and report good quality connections to our service and a MOS score of 3 or above.
If this shows amber or red results, you need to check your Wan connection with the provider of that connection, or if you get green results and are still having a problem, then please contact us providing 3 distinct examples ready with date/time/dialled number/CLID, so we can further investigate and help you solve this.

The clock is wrong on my phone after the change to/from Daylight Saving Time.

Phones provisioned by Magnetic North update automatically. If your phones are provided by your own organisation then this needs to be managed by your internal IT department so please contact them.

I need to my divert calls somewhere else – what should I do?

Simply amend your inbound route on the PBX away from where it is currently delivered to a “call divert” script and enter the telephone number required to be diverted to. You do not need to enter the proceeding 9 for a line.

I have forgotten my voice mail password – how do I change it?

You can change your voice mail password from the web based user portal using your web browser. If you don’t know how to log in then please check with your administrator.

I administrate my company's telephony – How can I allocate a DDI to an extension?

You can do this via the Cloud PBX web portal by selecting the extension number and assigning the DDI to it using the drop down list.

I would like to listen to live agent calls – how do I do that?

You can simply use the live listening service, to access the service dial *601 and enter the extension number that you would like to listen to. Note that you need to set permissions to allow live monitoring on a per extension basis.

I’m not receiving calls when people ring me - what should I check?

Check that the phone doesn’t have ‘do not disturb’ or ‘call forward’ features enabled and that the ringer volume has not been turned down. We know it sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many times people get caught out by this.

I need to be able to run a report that tells me how many calls I received yesterday – how do I do that?

You can run a CDR (call detail record) report from within the hosted PBX web portal. To access the reporting navigate to Call Detail Records from the main menu. You can report based upon a time range, account code, source or destination. Don’t forget you can also configure Cost Centre Billing, by putting a cost centre into your extension users configuration. Our monthly billing will then summarise reporting for you according to the cost centres you have created.

I want to upload a new menu prompt that my callers will hear when they call my company – is that possible?

Yes - You can simply upload a new media file using the hosted PBX web portal and assign it to your number. Media files can be studio recorded or recorded using your PC microphone.

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