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Predictive Dialler Software

Next generation algorithm

Say goodbye to the legacy autodiallers of the past with Magnetic North’s next generation predictive dialling algorithm. Artificial intelligence techniques will simulate and fine tune up to 50 times a second to automatically adjust your campaign parameters for optimal productivity and outbound dialling. The net result is campaigns that are efficient from as few as 5 agents, with higher levels of compliant talk time resulting in more sales, collections or appointments for your outbound operation.

predictive dialler software
hosted dialler software for call centres

Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialling Modes

​Different call types necessitate different calling strategies. Maximise supports preview, progressive and predictive dialling to allow customers to select the most appropriate method on a per campaign basis.

Preview Dialling

Preview dialling provides list management and reporting but allows agents to review customer information before clicking to launch the call or optionally rejecting the call from being made. A Closed Preview option will automatically launch the call after the record has been reviewed for a campaign specific time.

Preview dialling is ideal for complex case management where an agent needs to understand and consider the history of the customer to determine how to handle the call.

Typically preview dialling boosts manual talk times per hour from 12 minutes to 18 minutes and provides management information and reporting insight that is otherwise impossible to obtain.

preview dialler software
progressive dialler software - hosted dialler

Progressive Dialling

​In progressive mode we start to drive the list popping the record to the agent, but dialling the call at the same time. The agent still has time to review the record, but only for as long as it takes for the customer to answer the call. Of course customers may not answer or may be busy, in which case the system will move on to the next record.

Progressive dialling usually boosts talk time to between 28-32 minutes in the hour.

Predictive Dialling

​Predictive dialling delivers answered calls only to agents with a screen pop of the customer information. It provides the best talk times of 45-50 minutes talk time in the hour (and sometime more!).

When allied with Answer machine detection which screens out most answer machines from being presented to agents and can leave a message on the customers voicemail without human involvement, predictive dialler software is the most effective tool in the marketing arsenal for direct customer contact.

predictive dialler software
predictive dialler contact centre software

When compliance is on the line, we’ll stand up and be counted.

​We know that at the end of the day compliance to industry and national calling legislation is essential for any company engaged in outbound calling. We go to great lengths to ensure that our systems will be compliant to the relevant legislation (FCC/Ofcom) throughout the lifetime of your contract, regardless of how often the rules may change or adapt. That way you can focus on your business and building great long term relationships with your prospects and customers, whilst we provide platforms that are compliant out of the box so you don’t have to worry about being a good corporate citizen.

“Kindergarten” mode eases new agents gently into the campaign call flow

​New agents can also join predictive campaigns but in preview mode to allow them to ease into the campaign and familiarise themselves with call content before turning up the call volumes.

Hosted dialler

Mobile Number Screening

Revolutionising Outbound Dialling

​Awarded a patent in 2015 (Serial number: GB2506663), our mobile number screening technology is the first major step forward in outbound dialling technology in a long time.

Traditional diallers just make outbound calls in the hope that some people may answer, but as a Carrier in our own right, Magnetic North’s cloud solution is meshed tightly to the mobile networks. We are therefore able to intelligently look ahead without making a call and tell if a mobile phone number (in any GSM network worldwide) is valid or invalid and further more if it is on, off or roaming.

Using this amazing technology we will avoid making calls to bad/disconnected numbers (which typically account for 10-15% of most calling lists), winning back valuable machine time to focus on calling the good numbers to keep your agents talking. Furthermore by focusing our dialling on the customers who have mobiles that are switched on we deliver a much higher human answer rate.

With mobile screening on your campaign, you’ve got an unfair advantage over your competition.

mobile number screening
mobile number screening

A better customer experience

​We all know it can be annoying for a customer when they receive a sales or collections call whilst travelling on holiday or business. Consumers particularly hate these calls because of the roaming charges they incur by answering the call. But you don’t have to damage your customer relationships. Mobile screening will automatically filter out roaming customers for you and will wait for them to return home before it calls them again. The result - increased customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates in an instant.

Dramatic Productivity increases

​Filtering out bad numbers, switched off phones and roaming customers means that agents will be connected to far higher numbers of real customers. The result, in blind testing at one customer showed a massive 37% increase in agent talk time as a percentage of total logged in time using mobile number screening.

mobile number screening
mobile number screening

Reduced Costs

​Mobile number screening means less answer machine connects. In fact, statistics show that typically it take 5 answer machine connects to get one live contact with a customer on average. Imagine the reduction on your phone bill by removing those 5 calls that would have connected to an answer machine.

Compliant Productivity

​Because mobile screening uses Magnetic North’s patented technology to transparently screen mobile numbers without actually calling them, it ensures total compliance to OFCOM and FCC regulations associated to predictive dialling.

mobile number screening

Mobile & Local Number Presentation & Agent CLI

Increasing Call Connection Rates

​As a Cloud Carrier, Magnetic North provide infinitely more flexible number presentation choices to customer campaigns. Increasingly consumers have been educated that numbers calling them from out of area numbers or toll free/freephone locations are likely to be telemarketers or companies that they may not wish to speak to. Many screen their calls accordingly. We’ve created exciting options that will help you increase your connect rates, increase list penetration rates and connect with more customers, whilst providing statistical insight that will be invaluable to your marketing team.

mobile & local number presentation
mobile & local number presentation

Campaign & List Level number presentation

​With Maximise Cloud Contact Centre, we give you the most flexibility as to how your present your outbound calls.

By default we will present a campaign CLI which will go out on all calls, but you can choose to enhance this with list specific CLI presentation numbers at campaign level to provide enhanced reporting. This CLI presentation will also allow return calls to be routed to specific specialist teams to improve the customer experience and monitor callback rates.

Mobile Number Presentation

​Using our Mobile Number Presentation option, we will dynamically substitute the outbound number to be a Mobile Number when calling a Mobile phone (except in the USA). This technology, which leverages our direct connections to the Global GSM networks, doesn’t require any SIM banks or grey market technology and typically drives up connect rates to mobiles by up to 40%. Furthermore it reduces the cost of return calls since often mobile to mobile minutes are included in customers tariff bundles, allowing those who want to return a missed call to do so far more cost effectively than calling a toll free or 0800 number.

agent CLI presentation
agent CLI presentation

Local Number Presentation

​As a registered Carrier with our own number ranges, Magnetic North can also optionally substitute on a call by call basis the outbound number displayed to be a local number to the customer called. Therefore a New York customer will see a New York Area code, and a San Francisco customer a local code to them. Customers are up to 35% more likely to answer a call from their local area code than a call from an 800 or out of area location and return calls for those customers who miss your call will be charged at a local rate to them rather than a national call. This approach provides a more local service and is available in all major European and US/Canada deployments.

Agent CLI

​It would be great if every call resulted in the desired outcome, but in the real world many calls require follow up calls to get to the goal of making a sale or collecting a debt. With our optional Agent CLI service, Maximise customers can build a more personal relationship with their customers, allowing each agent to be allocated and give out a personal direct dial number to their prospects or customers. Return calls to the CLI presentation number are routed and queued directly to them, within the context of the Maximise contact centre system and without skewing the reporting in the system.

Outbound rescheduled calls will go to the customer using the personal Agent CLI if enabled which increases answer rates as the customer will be expecting the call from the personal number they have been given and this builds better 1-2-1 relationships between agents and customers helping to get to the final call goal faster than ever before.

agent CLI presentation
agent CLI presentation

Finding the right mix

​Number presentation is amazingly flexible these days. Finding the right approach for your business and call flows can seem daunting, but don’t worry, your Magnetic North Success Manager will be with you every step of the way to help you design out the most effective number presentation strategy to help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

Robotic Call Centre Agent

Another option in your contact arsenal

​Robotic campaigns are a special type of outbound campaign where physical agents are not required. Instead robotic agents will make outbound calls on your behalf, interacting with your customers automatically using dynamic text to speech technology. This helps to fulfill low value, high volume transactions without consuming valuable agent time, such as payment reminder calls, subscription/policy renewal reminders, appointment reminders and much much more.

Robotic Call Centre Agent
Robotic Call Centre Agent Software

Live agents on hand when needed

​At any stage in a robotic campaign, you can offer your customers the option to be transferred from the robotic call centre agent straight to a human agent, for example in a payment reminder call where the customer cannot afford to make the payment, to connect them to an advisor to help them with this difficult situation. Advisors receive a real-time screen pop of customer information when the call is delivered so they are ready to provide maximum assistance to your customers.

24 hour contact

​Some campaigns do need to run 24 hours a day, and where it’s not economically viable to staff a full team then robotic agent software can help bridge that gap, for example reminding vulnerable patients to take medication but offering the option to transfer to an on call nurse if there is a problem or if they are confused.

Robotic Call Centre Agent
Robotic Agent Software

Easily Create Automated Campaigns

​Using our drag and drop campaign builder your automated campaigns can be up and running quickly and efficiently and linked to other Maximise multimedia technology such as SMS and Email at the click of a button.

Driving up profitability per transaction

​Virtual outbound calling and SMS only campaigns for flexible client contact and messaging at low costs.

Robotic Agent Software
Robotic Contact Centre Agent Software

Your message, your delivery

​Robotic campaigns support both pre-recorded messages or use friendly 3rd generation multi-lingual natural human text-to-speech technology which offers over 50 different voices to provide data driven call content.

Final Contact SMS Campaigns

Final Contact

​However hard we try, there are going to be times when we fail to reach the customers we try to call. Maximise can turn these lost opportunities into customer win-backs using our Final Contact technology which will send an automated personalised SMS or Email message to the customer soliciting a return call. With response rates of up to 30%, email and SMS call centre campaigns are a low cost, high impact way to drive up customer contact rates and allow customers to return your calls on their own terms.

final contact sms
final contact sms

SMS Campaigns

​Maximise can manage SMS campaigns to lists of customers or prospects, dynamically personalising the message driven by data in your calling lists. With delivery confirmation options, message spacing and much more, Maximise offers a complete solution for Text only campaigns along side Voice and other multimedia campaigns.

Initial SMS Campaigns

​Created as a result of a customer suggestion, Initial SMS campaigns mix media to send prospects or customers a personalised SMS message soliciting a call back from them at a convenient time. Those who do call back are connected to an agent, with higher than average conversion rates as they are making the call in response to a direct offer at a convenient time for them. They are automatically removed from the calling list at the end of the call. Those who don’t respond within a target time will be queued for an outbound call, where higher than average conversion and answer rates also exist as the customers know where calls are originating from and what the call is about and are more inclined, if they accept the call, to be receptive to the offer being made. Simple, intelligent customer interaction with real bottom line benefits, managed by Maximise.

sms contact campaigns
sms contact campaigns

Smart integration with Robotic Agent Campaigns and IVR

​Maximise SMS and Email are integrated to both Robotic Agent and IVR capabilities in the solution to help build customer friendly applications that provide customers with tangible confirmations. Create payment IVR applications that send an SMS confirmation with a payment reference number or Robotic Campaigns that send customers an email confirmation of their subscription renewal and much much more.

Easy CRM & Data Integration

Quick simple connection to your data

​Maximise Cloud Contact Centre offers a wealth of options to import data from your business systems. In addition to support for secure FTP of CSV and traditional data files, we offer a free Web Service which allows dynamic data importation in real-time using secure XML.

salesforce contact centre
salesforce contact centre

Export flexibility and customer contact audit trail

​Maximise provides FTP and XML and scheduled email export of completed dialling attempts including both contact and “no contact” (busy, no answer, number unobtainable etc.) numbers. Using this information you can seamlessly ensure your business systems stay updated of all attempts to reach a customer, providing a valuable audit trail of every customer interaction.

Off the shelf integration to CRM systems

​We’ve built powerful pre-integrated solutions that work off the shelf with major applications such as and Microsoft Dynamics so you don’t have to. This advanced call centre CRM integration offers a single sign-on experience for your agents, integrated reporting and data synchronisation to make deployment of CRM integrated contact centre an out of the box experience. Get up and running with your Salesforce contact centre in record time.

Contact Centre CRM Integration
Contact Centre CRM Integration

Free open API toolkits

​Customers using other platforms can easily integrate to Maximise Cloud Contact Centre using our free industry standard based, secure web xml interfaces.

Realtime lead management when it matters

​In many markets response time is critical. Companies that buy leads on the internet know that they need to get to the customer before the competition to secure their business and so every second counts. Maximise offers out of the box prioritised real-time lead feeds that will be pushed to the top of the calling list to ensure no customer opportunity is ever squandered.

Call Centre CRM Integration
Call Centre CRM Integration

Web site integration

​A suite of pre-integrated tools offers e-commerce site operators the option to integrate Maximise Cloud Contact Centre with their site to offer “call me now” and “schedule a call back” buttons. All the code is provided you so you can be up and running in a jiffy.

Contact Centre Reporting & Dashboards

The Devil’s in the detail

Contact Centres live and die by their statistics. But sometimes finding the right statistics in real time can be hard, and if missed can be the difference between achieving campaign sales or collections goals, achieving compliance to regulatory requirements and making or missing personal, team and department goals for commission and reward.

Maximise collects data performance across a myriad of different points, allowing point and click access to both real-time and historical reporting that provides actionable insight to managers before it’s too late to avoid or solve an issue.

Our real-time outbound call centre dashboards put your finger on the pulse, collating team and personal results, including not only real-time numbers of sales or collections figures but also the financial values of those calls as well. These results can be colour coded against targets and shown alongside average handling and wrap times, Decision Maker Contact or Right Party Contact goals and actuals and much more.

Contact Centre Technology
Contact Centre Technology

Drill down to the data that matters

From a people performance perspective, Maximise allows you to drill down from Company wide metrics to Location or Department levels. From here you can further analyse the team and go right down to individual performance metrics.

This 100% visibility also exists for individual customer reporting, List penetration data , conversion rates, attempts per contact, attempts per sale or collection, calling list level reporting and connection rates to name but a few.

Stay Compliant and Productive with Realtime Dashboards

Maximise realtime dashboards not only allow you to monitor KPI’s and team performance in but also ensure that compliance obligations for abandoned calls, overdialling and connect rates are all met. If sudden changes in connect rates should occur Maximise will automatically repace itself to avoid any breach but the call centre dashboards will also give you peace of mind that obligations continue to be met, whilst agents are kept to the maximum permissible levels of productive talk time.

Contact Centre Reporting Software
Contact Centre Reporting Dashboard

Scheduled Delivery lets you focus on what matters

Using Maximise call centre reporting you can schedule reports to deliver automatically to your email inbox in PDF, Excel or Word format so that the information you need is automatically delivered ready for your analysis.

Custom Reporting at your finger tips

We ship a comprehensive suite of the most commonly asked for reports out of the box with Maximise, but we recognise that customers reporting needs vary, and so we provide a Microsoft Excel™ plug-in that allows customers to directly query and create custom reports using the friendly and familiar Excel user interface. Data can be refreshed, charted, graphed and placed into Pivot tables to allow analysis of any scenario to your heart’s content.

Custom Contact Centre Reporting
Contact Centre Technology

Data Warehouse Ready

We provide a free fully documented XML Web services API which allows you to integrate realtime and historical information from your contact centre to your Data Warehouse or other business applications. Customers use this to create consolidated call centre reporting with a single user interface that brings together CRM, ERP, Contact Centre and Financial System data in one place to allow for centralised corporate data reporting.

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Magnetic North Testimonial Quote Mark

Our customers would not be able to tap into a workforce with this kind of scale and flexibility any other way. The shared dynamic scripting system makes change management much simpler. Previously when managing so many contact centres and homeworkers, making a simple tweak to a script could take days or weeks. Now we can be constantly monitoring effectiveness and make tweaks on the fly that roll out to everyone immediately.

Magnetic North Testimonial Quote Mark

Ghen Sugimoto

Chief Marketing Officer, Expert Planet

Magnetic North Testimonial Quote Mark

We’ve relied upon Magnetic North for more than 7 years to operate our contact centre from the cloud. With their platforms, we’ve more than doubled the size of our business and rely on them to provide service for a range of leading brands every day. With Magnetic North, we successfully handle millions of calls each year.

Magnetic North Testimonial Quote Mark

Peter Copperwheat

Managing Director CARS (Collections Contact Centre)

Magnetic North Testimonial Quote

We’ve relied upon Magnetic North for more than 7 years to operate our contact centre from the cloud. With their platforms, we’ve more than doubled the size of our business and rely on them to provide service for a range of leading brands every day. With Magnetic North, we successfully handle millions of calls each year.

Peter Copperwheat

Managing Director CARS (Collections Contact Centre)

Magnetic North Testimonial Quote
Magnetic North Testimonial Quote

Our customers would not be able to tap into a workforce with this kind of scale and flexibility any other way. The shared dynamic scripting system makes change management much simpler. Previously when managing so many contact centres and homeworkers, making a simple tweak to a script could take days or weeks. Now we can be constantly monitoring effectiveness and make tweaks on the fly that roll out to everyone immediately.

Ghen Sugimoto

Chief Marketing Officer, Expert Planet

Magnetic North Testimonial Quote